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Who Is Ger Brick

Ger Brick is an experienced facilitator who delivers Cyberbullying / Internet Safety talks to Primary Schools across Ireland.

Formally an IT Program Manager with Microsoft Ireland for 17 years, Ger has 20+ years experience working on the Internet.

Inviting Ger as a guest speaker to your school, means you are securing the services of a professional who: 

  • Has 20+ years of Practical Industry Knowledge.

  • Engages with both children and parents at their level

  • Delivers an engaging, current and fun talk while providing the children with Practical Information and Rules for Staying Safe and conducting themselves Responsibly online.

  • For Parents, delivers a comprehensive Cyberbullying / Internet Safety talk. Little or no Statistics. No Internet horror stories. No Technical Jargon. Just practical advice for Parents on how to keep their families safe online regardless of their level of computer literacy.

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